TIME® 3110 Pocket Surface Roughness Tester

Product Code: TIME-3110

TIME 3110 (TR110) is a handheld surface roughness tester for Ra, Rz measurement. It is economically priced and well suited for various mechanical manufacturing processes.

This gauge features an easy to read backlit LCD display allowing users to view result from any angle. The case provides durability and the size is compact for portability.  TIME 3110 features an integral probe that drops down from underneath the unit, making it most suitable for large, flat surfaces or wide curves where there is ample space to position the device stably.

The unit is easy to operate and can be calibrated using the included reference specimen. The sensitive probe traces the surface and converts the measurements into Ra or Rz.  The measuring range for Ra is 0.05µm - 10.0µm and Rz is 0.1µm - 50µm.


● Pocket-size unit with economical price, widely used in production lines, workshops and labs.

● Wide measuring range suitable for most materials, and applicable for flat, outer cylinder and sloping surface

● Ragged design device with a long lifetime, while keeping the accurate and reliable data results

● Both Ra and Rz measurement range

● All calculated measurement results shown on its LCD back-lit display hardly after tested

● Indicator and alarm for low battery, out-of-limit values and dysfunction

● Chargeable Li battery and improvement of the circuits function.

● Improvement and Protection for sensor to secure the high accuracy and good stability.

● Conforms to ISO and DIN

Time Tester
Accuracy ±15%
Cut-off lengths 0.25mm/0.8mm/2.5mm
Evaluation length 1.25mm/4.0mm/5.0mm
Filter RC analogue
Operating temperature 0~40℃
Pick-up Piezoelectric
Radius and angle of the stylus point Diamond, Radius : 10±2.5μm Angle: 90°(+5°or -10°)
Roughness parameter Ra, Rz
Storing temperature -25℃ ~ 60℃
Tracing length 6mm
Tracing speed 1.0mm/sec
Charger DC6V, 3 hours (charging time)
Humidity <80%
Measuring range Ra: 0.05-6.5μm Rz: 0.1-50μm
Power Supply 3.6V Li-ion battery
Repeatability <12%
Dimensions (mm) 110×70×24
Weight (g) 160

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