Portable Vibration Meter TIME 7230

Product Code: TIME7230

TIME7230 is a powerful digital vibration meter. It is suited for measuring vibration of motor, electric fan, pump, compressor and other rotating machine tools


Advanced vibration tester with large measuring range

Three display modes:

Special mode: displaying acceleration, velocity and displacement

Common mode: displaying one of acceleration, velocity and displacement

Spectrum mode: displaying vibration spectrum

large memory up to 1550 readings and 25 spectrums

Easy diagnosis: alarm is sounded when vibration go over limit set, and get into spectrum mode

Testing results and spectrum can be printed out with optional micro-printer

Can be connected with PC by special software for further analyses of vibration 


Technical Specification:

Testing range Acceleration 0.1m/S²-392m/S² (peak value)
Velocity 0.01cm/s~ 80cm/s (virtual value)
Displacement 0.001mm~ 18.1mm (peak to peak value)
Frequency range Acceleration 10Hz ~ 200Hz, 10Hz ~ 500Hz, 10Hz ~ 1KHz, 10Hz ~ 10KHz
Velocity 10Hz ~ 1KHz
Displacement 10Hz ~ 500Hz
Power Li-ion rechargeable battery 
Display  LCD, 320x200 pixels with backlight
Working Temperature 0 ~ 40
Tolerance ±5%
Dimensions 171mm×78.5mm × 28mm
Weight 230g

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