KYOWA T1000NDX: Manual Hydro Pressure Test Pump 1000Bars, 9.5kg

Product Code: T500NDX

- Easy to carry handy type.
- Lightweight and rust free plastic tank, with dust proof cover.
- With direct-coupled type ball tap available for city water supply.
- Pressure gauge with large vibration absorber.

Model: T1000NDX

Manual hydro pressure test pump up to 500Bars.

  • Made in Japan


  • High precision stainless steel ball valve.
  • Water tank of vinyl-coated steel sheet construction.
  • Stainless steel fulcrum pins.

Accessories Included

  • Hose assembly 3/8″ x 1m
Capacity of Water Tank 18L Plastic Tank
Maximum pressure 100Mpa (1000kg/cm2)
Plunger Diameter 8mm
Size of Discharge Port 3/8
Strokes in idle 30mm
Water Suction per Stroke 1.5cc
WEIGHT 9.5kg
DIMENSIONS 630mm x 410mm x 270mm

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