About Haosheng Manufacture

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Haosheng has dedicated itself to be an innovative leader in the mini air compressor field in China. A series of mini air compressors, art inkjet pumps, makeup pumps, portable sprayers, miniature vacuum pumps, spray booths, airbrushes, spray guns and etc., have been designed and developed since the establishment of the R&D department. And over 100 patents of invention, utility and design for a variety of mini air compressors have been granted.

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Metabo DS 200 8-Inch Bench Grinder Review

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Are you tired of searching for that perfect Bench Grinder that would take care of all of your daily grinding needs? Are you stuck in an endless loop of purchasing bench grinders with promising specifications, but eventually are left utterly disappointed with their performance? Stress no more, as the Metabo DS 200 8-Inch Bench Grinder is the effective solution that will put an end to all of your worries.

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What do you need a heat gun for?

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Recently the Metabo Trailer stopped at Ohio Power Tool to show case their new tools and many safety benefits for grinders, concrete, silica dust collection and much more. Grinders have been around for many many years and as we all know can be extremely dangerous tools. Metabo not only leads the way in grinder performance, power and long life but also the leader when it comes to grinder safety. Before the customers stopped by we got a chance to walk through many of aspects of the trailer, this is just one of those topics we covered. Top 5 reasons Metabo Grinders are the Safest and Best Performing on the Market.

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Dòng Pin Xạc Khủng Nhất Thế Giới 18 Volt - 10.0 Ah

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The powerful cells in Metabo LiHD battery packs deliver enough power for handling even the toughest applications with no cables.
Thanks to LiHD technology, Metabo is the world's only manufacturer to cover the entire power range up to 3,200 watts.
Maximum power, available for an extremely long time – for any application.

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With the market of welding machine more and varied from model to quality, the selection of a suitable machine, the welder to note the points as ...

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