With the market of welding machine more and varied from model to quality, the selection of a suitable machine, the welder to note the points as ...

With the updated technology and development in the world, the machines supporting the work in general and welding in particular have taken new generation. Many types of welding machines are available to meet the needs of diverse work and the compatibility of power and function. Depending on the needs and conditions of each place, the welder should consider the following before choosing the most suitable welding machine.

The selection of a welding machine should be based on the following:

1. Suitable for the power source and the maneuverability of the machine

This is related to the condition of the workshop or where the welder works.

Power sources commonly used by welders can be either one-way (for home or small-scale work) or three-phase (for works or industrial zones).

There are several types of welding machines that can be used in both single phase and three phase power supplies without the need for switch power supplies.

In cases where there is no electricity grid available, welding equipment should be available.

The maneuverability of the welding machine is also an important factor affecting productivity. If you have to work in non-fixed terrain, it is possible to use lightweight, compact size welding machines, which must ensure the performance. Some current inverter welding machines have a compact design but still ensure a strong working power.

Small welding machines weighing less than 7kg can give welding currents up to 200A, and larger machines weighing less than 40kg can provide welding currents up to 500A. If small machines can be portable, larger machines are equipped with extra wheels for easy push-pull.

 2. Wire diameter, electrodes and load cycle of the machine.

How to choose the wire diameter, electrodes:

The following tables will help you know how much of the electrode you are using:

Load factor of the machine

Welding and welding cycle of the welding machine are closely related. Load cycle, also known as machine operating time, is the time that the welding machine can work for a period of 10 minutes. For example, a 200A welding machine with a 60% load cycle means that the machine with a 200A welding current can work continuously for 6 minutes and must have a 4 minute break to avoid overheating. . Some improved welding machines have an efficiency of up to 85% as HK MIG 500I series with welding current up to 500A.

For welding rods, welding rods are usually welded continuously for 2 minutes. The most popular welding rod is the 3.2mm rod. This type of welding lasts only about 1 minute.

It is possible to select the load cycle of the welding machine according to the demand of work as follows:

- If used in light industry, it usually requires the performance of the machine reaches about 20% with a current of about 200A.

- If the welding industry requires the machine capacity of about 40 - 60% with a current of about 300A.

In heavy industry, 80 - 100% efficiency is required for welding currents greater than 300A.

3. The ability to work with metal and the thickness of welding material.

Not all welding machines can weld with all metals. Each method of welding suitable for effective operation with different metals, specifically:

Choice of material thickness

You have to calculate by the different material thickness that will require different welding currents. The simple formula for calculating the welding current that corresponds to 0.025mm material thickness is that conventional steel will need 1A output. If the welding material is about 3mm thick, then the formula needs welding current about 120A. For stainless steels, welding currents are 10% lower and 25% higher for aluminum. When welding a thin object that requires a device that can work stably with a small current, a thick-walled weld will require a high-capacity welding machine and higher work efficiency.

4. Welding method

You can not expect a welding machine that can weld everything for the best quality. It is important for you to determine what type of welding machine you need to make the right choice.

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