EU300-CLASSIC Electrolytic Marking Machine

Product Code:

  • Non-corrosive electrolytes 
  • Non-smearing permanent marking 
  • Digital controls and display 
  • No part deformation

The Etch Unit 300 Classic is probably the most widely used electrolytic marking control system in the world.

It is possible to includes several optional features to enabling and simplifying precise work with the most varied metal alloys. For example, an electrolyte pump can be controlled automatically, which is important to always apply the optimum quantity of electrolyte during the marking procedure.

Technical Specification:

 Input voltage: 

  230V AC


310 VA

Program Function: 

- Marking Voltage

 - Marking Timer

 - Pumping Timer (Optional)

 - Retarder (Optional)

 - Counter (Optional) 


Manual, Semi-Auto


140x380x220 mm (HxBxD)


8 kg

Standard Accessories:

  • 11.40.4020 Hand Marking Head 402/H 45x20mm - 1 pce.
  • 11.50.0080 Black Felt 44/F 5mm thick, A5 - 1 pce.
  • 11.50.0010 Green Felt 35/F 6mm thick, size: A5 - 1 pce.
  • 11.50.0110 Conductive Net Fine, A5 - 1 pce.
  • 11.56.5400 Fiber Stencil, Blue type 540, 65x180mm = 100 copies.
  • Assorted Electrolyte - 1 liter
  • Aluminum Carrying Case - 1 no. 

Etching Stencils:

Available in two types of Stencils: Ostling Exel Red/Green Fibre Stencils and Oslting Wax Paper Stencils

- Exel Fibre Red/Green Stencils (Long Life Stencils):

The base plate is made of synthetic fibre on which the mark / design are printed by photo static equipment. It is durable for 3 to 5 thousand times marking.

- Wax Paper Stencils:

The wax paper is used for the basic material on which the desired letters are usually typewritten by a type writer, stencil creator or a dot matrix printer. It is for between 10 to 20 times marking.



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