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One-Stop Centre for Machinery & Tools

Hup Hong Machinery has come a long way from the year 1972. The Directors’ passion and professional competence in the machinery business has brought about on growing years of success for the company.

With an impressive inventory of over thousand types of Machinery and Tools under our wings of agency rights, we are proud to be label as Wrld of Machinery under one roof.

Range of Products & Service

Starting from the history of trading in power tools, our business has evolved. Currently, our inventory covers industrial needs from Metal Working, Metal Welding, Wood Working, Plastic Working Machines, Hoisting Equipment, Material Handling, Air Compressors, Power & Air Tools, Hydraulic Equipment and the list goes on. Our quality products are originated from Europe, Japan, USA, Australia, Taiwan, China, Korea and many other countries. Please find out from our catalog or web-site for details information.

To further enhance service to our customers, aftersales service like maintenance and repair are readily available at our in-house Service and Repair Department, should they need assistance or technical support.

Our Customers, Our Friends

Through many years of business dealings with our business partners, we have made friends and built strong relationships with many of them in all areas of trades which include: Government and Private Technical Schools, Building Constructions, General Hardware suppliers, Ship and oil rig builders, Furniture factories, Oil & Gas Industries, Quality Control Sectors, Metal Industries, Car-Assembly, Car Repair Work-Shops and many more.

We truly appreciate all our suppliers and customers for their continuous trust, valued support, as well as precious advices that have helped us achieved this mark in our area of trade.

Now & Future

We strive to update and upgrade constantly to the ever changing needs of the market. Besides providing the latest machinery needs, since our foundation and up to now, Hup Hong also has been experiencing a continuous upgrading of our IT systems. We believe that a thorough knowledge of the market and the ability to ride on IT systems, It will allow us to serve our customers at a higher level of efficency and effectiveness.

We hope this catalog is useful in assisting you in selecting your required machinery and tools. If your required item does not appear in this catalog, kindly contact our sales personal or email us. We will be happy to provide you with more information or alternative solution to our best knowledge. You are welcome to visit our showroom and be rest assured of a fruitful and satisfying trip.

Company Name Tel / Fax E-Mail Address
Hup Hong Machinery (S) Pte. Ltd.

Tel:(+65) 6296 7711
Fax: (+65) 6297 0139 / 1963

sales@huphong.com.sg 101 Kitchener Road
#01-12/14 Jalan Besar Plaza
Singapore 208511
Nanyang Instrument Machinery Pte. Ltd. Tel:(+65) 6298 7266
Fax: (+65) 6298 4486
sales@nim.com.sg 101 Kitchener Road
#01-01 Jalan Besar Plaza
Singapore 208511
Hub Hong Machinery & Instrument Sdn. Bhd. Tel: (+603) 6277 4216
Fax: (+603) 6277 8920
sales@hubhong.com.my 34, Jalan KIP 1
Taman Perindustrian KIP
52200 Kual Lumpur
Selangor, Malaysia.
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